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Natural Way to Learn
Graph representation of knowledge is natural and effective way to acquire new information, mimicking the neural network of the human brain.
Based on Graph and Category Theories
Our solution is underpinned by Graph and Category Theories allowing us to present information in a structured and clear form and provide deep insights for the user.
Active Approach to Learning
Transforming knowledge into a graph helps to create connections between existing experiences and new information and provides an opportunity to deeply engage with the studied material, enhancing recall and retention.

Individual learning path
Prioritize and execute. Let quest42 guide you from the knowledge you already posses to a new one you strive to acquire. Find a way to learn that fits you by getting a personalized textbook.
Collaboration and mentoring
Contribute to the global knowledge. Connect your graph to the Meta Graph - a sum of graphs by all contributors. Discuss revisions and updates with the community. Represent your point of view with a graph in a debate. Share a comprehensive overview of the subject.
Switch between resolution levels
Highlight the key concepts. Take a look at the problem from different angles. Zoom out for strategic planning, zoom in for finely grained details. Toggle between views with a scroll.
Stop procrastinating
Eliminate learning anxiety. Understand the prerequisites. Create a sustainable study plan with clear goals. Divide your workload into small chunks, conquer it step-by-step and track your progress.
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Enjoy the process in any role
Map the key concepts on the go. Collaborate with others and review quickly. Build your personal path to knowledge.
Stay at the cutting edge. Explore your field of research and adjusting areas. Get realtime feedback from colleagues.
Share curriculums with your students. Track their progress. Visualize relations between complex concepts. Test comprehension effortlessly.
Create and develop graphs. Give, perform and check tasks enhancing content quality.
Prevent informational pollution, ensuring credibility and validity.

Q2 2022

Personal Graph

Toolbox for knowledge acquisition and structuring. Create and edit nodes and connections. Share with friends. Browser extension interactively mapping your online research history straight into a graph.

Q1 2023

Community Graph

Introduction of communities and community graphs. Simultaneous work on shared graphs. Merging of personal researches with community work.


Q4 2023

Meta Graph

Introduction of the Meta Graph - depiction of all humanity's knowledge. Merging of personal and community graphs into the Meta Graph. Any user can use the Meta Graph to create personalized learning path.


Passionate about learning
Alexander Nikiforov
Co-founder, CSO
PhD Condensed Matter Physics, Professor

Nikita Gurin
Co-founder, CEO
Programmatic Specialist at Google Ireland
Dmitriy Samsonov
Co-founder, CTO
5+ years of high load software development

Pavel Korolev

Co-founder, Business Strategy

Serial tech entrepreneur (projects with NASA & ESA)

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